PUMPKIN SPICE LIFE: an october wishlist

autumnwishlistoct2015IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. Honestly, I consider September-December the Christmas period, where everything gets sparklier and comfier, I can layer up in as much knitwear as my heart desires, and I don’t have to pretend to care about salads anymore. As much as I love summer, I feel like this is my time of year. The shops are brimming with new stock, I’m being increasingly surrounded by warm, spiced aromas, and ‘gathering nuts and seeds for my impending hibernation’ is the new ‘beach ready’. I am SO all about this.

Like, yeah I’m totally writing this from bed, swigging cough medicine from the bottle like some kind of diseased pirate, but let’s look at what I would be buying if I wasn’t too busy hacking up a lung (and also rich):

1. H&M cotton cardigan, £10 /// Okay, I already have two of these (green and navy) but they’re so cheap and versatile, I feel like the burgundy needs to join my collection to add a bit of autumnal colour to my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing them as shirts, like Sienna Miller, and the fact that they’re cotton means that they’re never too hot, perfect for transitioning between seasons.

2. Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette, £15 /// I’ve been eyeing this pretty much since it was released earlier this year, but now feels like the time I would really get some wear out of it. A warm-toned palette with a selection of mattes and shimmers inspired by a box of chocolates, I would get so much wear out of these colours – not too neutral, not too extravagant. And £15? Even the price is heavenly…

3. Sophie Hulme Albion leather tote, £750 /// OH GOD, if money was no object, this would have been on my arm years ago. I love the simple design and the bold hardware, and it’s spacious enough to carry all the non-necessities that I like to drag around with me (in case of emergency). It’s the epitome of easy chic, and I NEED IT. A girl can dream, I suppose.

4. New Look black check pattern shirt dress, £20 /// Talk about a mixture of high end and high street. I love this charcoal grey shirt dress, it’s a great base for adding colourful accessories, without the severity that black often brings. It’s such an easy style, great for lounging around, but totally dress-uppable should I eventually peel myself from bed and out the door. Plus that check pattern makes for a nice nod to that whole New England prep look.

5. Alex Monroe pomegranate & garnet cluster necklace, £180 /// Ugh, Alex Monroe makes THE most beautiful, ethereal jewellery ever. This charm is so pretty and dainty, yet brings a subversive quality with the mythical meaning attached to pomegranates. Perfect for people like me, who like to bring a little bit of Queen of the Underworld style to their wardrobe.

What about you? What are you lusting after this season?

– Niko



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