On second thoughts, the red looks a bit bloody, doesn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago, Garance Doré wrote about this nail look at Adam Selman, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

While I’m not ready to accept that nail art is over (sad face) I love the simplicity at play. My go-to nail colours are usually deep jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald, and plum, but when I remove it after a week or so, I’m always convinced that there’s nothing better than a healthy, well-manicured, natural nail. I also don’t like to wear polish unless my nails are of uniform length, which is rare.

This is the the perfect balance of the two; the nail is simply embellished with a dot of contrasting colour. It’s a great way to look a bit refined without drawing attention to my broken nails (I only photographed my good hand!)

I chose a deep red for my nails (Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir), but I think black would have been more of a ‘look’, you know? Maybe next time.

– Niko


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