STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING: 8 twinkly necklaces for layering


I’m a big fan of layering up pendants, I love subtle flashes of gold rather than oversized statement pieces, and I think it’s a great way to give an insight into one’s personality without revealing too much. This is my current setup.

If you’re thinking about making a few dainty additions to your own collection, I’ve compiled together some of the prettiest pieces around, in a celestiallly-themed list, inspired by nights spent at sea, gazing at constellations. Everything here is either gold or gold-plated, because it doesn’t go gross like base metal or tarnish like silver. You’re welcome.

1. Eclectic Eccentricity Lunar Locket Necklace, £22.50 /// 2. Alex Monroe Big Sailing Ship Necklace, £150 /// 3. Alex Monroe Enchanted Twig Number 3 Necklace, £375 /// 4. Chupi Sagittarius Necklace, £119 (other star signs available) /// 5. JulenJewel Mini Star Necklace, £8 /// 6. J&S Gemstone Triangle Pendant Necklace, £25 /// 7. JulenJewel Small Crescent Moon Necklace, £8 /// 8. Z for Accessorize Shooting Star Pendant Necklace, £12 ///

– Niko

PS: You see more of what inspires me on my pinterest board ‘2’, here.



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