Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI’ve been out of England for most of this year, and the one thing I really missed the most was Topshop. Much as I love Florence, the city isn’t great for shopping unless you can afford to drop 4+ figures in Chanel, which left me in a bit of a rut. I was really excited to revisit one of Topshop’s makeup stands and stick my fingers in all the testers, as I’d picked up a couple of products last December and was really impressed by the quality of the products at such a great price point.

I’m not really supposed to be spending money at the moment, so when I sampled their highlighter in ‘Horizon’ I left the store empty-handed. I already have highlighters, I don’t need another, surely…

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I ended up returning a couple of days later and bought it and I’m so glad I did, because let me tell you, that stuff is a GAME CHANGER. The bronzey powder is super finely milled which means you don’t end up with huge glittery flecks across your face, and it blends in effortlessly. The pigment also helps me make the most of what remaining tan I have and reflects light in a really natural way, giving a nice dewy glow, whereas more silvery highlighters tend not to blend so well.

For £10, it’s a brilliant product. It is very intense so only a little is needed at a time, otherwise you do end up looking like this, but that does mean that you’re getting value for money as you’re not piling it on just to see some effect. I would absolutely recommend this and I’m definitely going to go back for Sunbeam when my tan has faded. If I had to fault it, I’d say that I’d prefer black packaging so it looks more at home at my vanity table, but I can’t really blame Topshop for my interior design preferences.
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I’ll be writing about my makeup routine, including this product, soon, so keep reading in the next few days!

– Niko


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