SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 11.10.15

How is everyone this weekend? I’m fighting round two of a cold, just what I always wanted. I’ll never take healthy sinuses for granted again.

Posh, Broke & Bored shares stunning photos of Café Pushkin in Moscow. So Beautiful!

Then if you didn’t have enough travel envy, check out this hotel in Talinn, Estonia – it looks like something from the Grand Budapest Hotel!

As Wild as the Wind, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous clothing. Swoon!

Colossal always finds the most amazing things; floating umbrellas, light flowing from trees, and the most spectacular aquariums you’ll ever see!

3D printed custom shoes, I’m loving this idea. Imagine a world where trainers are made to your exact measurements – I might even start exercising.

Man Repeller shares some super serious and factual facts about Twilight, in honour of it’s tenth anniversary.

H&M’s collection for Balmain was ‘leaked’ the other day. I’m pretty skeptic about that story but it’s nice too see the collection in full. Great mix of wearability and classic Balmain, and I’d love to get my hands on a couple of those bodycon dresses.

I’m addicted to playing Ten Billion Wives on my phone. It’s ridiculous and I don’t care. What is the goal? God knows, let me enjoy my many spouses, dammit.

Ariana Grande’s whistle notes tho.

That’s all folks!

– Niko


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