SO OVER IT: celebrating women for no apparent reason


I feel like I can’t open a magazine or website anymore without the writers accusing everyone and everything of being ‘misogynistic’, a word which has completely lost its meaning through overuse. Far worse is the 5343684234 awards ceremonies that celebrate women doing nothing other than their jobs. I find this really patronising and alienating; the only thing I want to be awarded for is my achievement, not my gender. I don’t want special programmes to coax me into certain careers, and I don’t want my every action to be considered some kind of stand against gender roles.

Until this trend dies, we’re really not going to see anything approaching equality. I find that there’s a lot of disrespect towards women, coming from other women; there’s a prevailing idea that the lack of women going into STEM fields is because they’re socialised out of it. This lack of regard for women’s personal preferences is really telling of the attitudes of the people who hold this thought, and the implication that we’re simply too stupid to make our own decisions is outright insulting.

Let’s celebrate people on merit, yes? The best way to achieve equality is to stop acting like gender is a boundary in the first place.

– Niko


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