SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 18.10.15

wpid-wp-1445184571907.jpgToday I moved into my new house for this year. Now that I’m settled, I hope to get back to daily posting soon. Here’s a bunch of links and stuff.

Beyond Clueless is a fantastic documentary if you’re obsessed with 90s/00s teen movies like I am. It focuses on some really interesting themes, plus, the theme song has lines from the Virgin Suicides. I got a whole list of new films to watch from this. Available now on Netflix if you’re in the UK.

– This has been in my bookmarks for ages. You can draw space! I waste so much time with it.

– I was really interested by i-D’s article on Aurora James. I’m really passionate about allowing economies to develop through trade, not misguided charity as is sadly so often the case. James makes use of the T-shirts that are ‘donated’ to Kenya en masse, and helps create financial growth within communities.

– Four Pins responds to claims that polo shirts should be retired.

– Then follows up with this brilliant Lacoste collection. So much fun!

– I always look forward to Mimi Thorisson’s posts. This month, she shares her stories from Umbria.

– How about some cute kitchen accessories? I really want that super sweet toothpick hedgehog.

– If you enjoyed the other procrastination tools that I’ve been sharing these few weeks, you may also like LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum. If you didn’t have to wait to refresh the lives I”m sure I would be playing this like six hours a day

– Emma Stone is the coolest person in the world:

– Niko


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