NEGATIVE SPACE REVISITED: illamasqua ‘swarm’ nail polish review

wpid-wp-1445367923445.jpgI’ve broken the nails on both my index fingers, so right now I don’t want to draw attention to that with my usual deep colours, but I’m still interested in exploring more minimalist nail art, like I did a little while ago with my recreation of the Adam Selman catwalk look.

This time, I used a single coat of Illamasqua’s nail polish in ‘swarm’ to add a bit of flourish. It’s a top coat with large and small flecks of almost-black glitter that glistens brown-red in certain lights, and it feels perfect for the run up to Halloween! To me it looks like little pieces of black lace or a miniature swarm of teeny-tiny creepy crawlies, revealing just enough natural nail.

I love it as another angle to the anti-nail art concept, but would also be a great top coat for adding texture to other solid colour polished. I’ve found that it chipped quite badly in the first 24 hours application, but I was quite rough on my hands during that time, so it’s probably worth wearing a good topcoat to seal it down.

It retails at £14.50 for 10ml, but have a root around in TK Maxx, that’s where I found mine for £3.99!

– Niko


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