HIGH END vs HIGH STREET: concealer reviews


I will not be apologising for the blurry photo, as it was taken at 6am this morning. 🙂

I ran out of my beloved YSL Touche Éclat yesterday, but I was having second thoughts about spending a lot of money on a new one so checked out Boots for some more bank account-friendly options. I picked up Revlon’s Colorstay Concealer to give it a go, and honestly, I’m quite impressed. Here’s a little comparison and breakdown of what made it worth my while:

Price /// Obviously, Revlon wins this round. We’re talking £7 vs £25 here.
Winner: Revlon

Packaging /// Revlon’s packaging is sturdy and inoffensive, and one of the reasons that I chose it was because it wasn’t some ridiculous colour that other products in this price point were, as I like to keep a bit of a unified theme on my vanity table. It seems to be a fairly good quality that won’t crack or split when travelling. Practicalities aside, YSL gets my vote in this round because it’s like a pretty gold magic wand and clearly I am a magpie.
Winner: YSL

Application /// Revlon comes with one of those wands that you apply lipgloss with allowing you to dab on as much or as little as you like, whereas the YSL product is one of those precision brushes with a clicky at the other end which drives concealer to the bristles. I found this a bit ‘stabby’ sometimes and it was often difficult to get the amount I needed, and the synthetic bristles weren’t praticularly good for spreading it across my skin either.
Winner: Revlon

Concealer /// Ah finally, this bit where we actually judge the products on what they’re supposed to do. Revlon is definitely the heavier product of the two and for that reason it does a better job of concealing imperfections, but I find that YSL’s light-reflecting qualities are better for colour correction such as over dark circles, and obviously a better product for contouring. At the end of the day, though, I have other products for higlighting so Revlon is better at the simple task of perfecting skin.
Winner: Revlon

Durability /// Sometimes I get home and ask myself if I actually remembered to put on concealer. Today I was impressed at Revlon’s staying power. Without any primer or powder, it looks just as it did this morning! Here’s a photo for evidence, I’m sure it’d have stayed on my nose, too, if I hadn’t been rubbing it with tissues all day:
wpid-wp-1445450605956.jpgWinner: Revlon

The Colorstay concealer is the champion of this round! I thought as such an iconic product, Touche Éclat might have put up a bit more of a fight but when I break it down into these categories, I only with I’d found the Revlon sooner! I’ll be saving a fortune in the future, and for a better product to boot!

– Niko


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