SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 24.10.15

wpid-wp-1445786373802.jpgIt’s really starting to feel like winter! Here are some links to cosy up with this afternoon:

Love Taza writes about a calming-down technique, This Is Not An Emergency. Naomi is referring to stressful moments with her children, but this is totally a mantra I can get behind for when I start getting in a flap about nothing.

Chriselle shares her top 3 Korean beauty tips. Korean beauty is in such an interesting place now, I only wish their brands would hurry up and arrive in the UK!

One of my favourite autumn recipes is pork belly with apple. Food52 is looking for the best savoury apple recipe, but the current runners up are worth a look for inspiration, too!

Now that Raf Simons is departing from Dior, who will replace him?

Dying alone in New York. I always find this topic so interesting and sad.

Accidental Autumnal Style Icon: Judd Nelson. YES. That Breakfast Club look is legendary.

This colonial church in Mexico reveals itself for only the second time since it was flooded for a reservoir in 1966. Haunting images.

I’M SUCH A SLUT FOR GARLIC. I’d love to get my hands on some black garlic!

You can totally rely on Mid-Century Menu to dig up the most gruesome gelatins for Halloween!

Barbie is so rad:

Have a lovely Sunday evening, everyone!


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