EVERYDAY CARRY: what’s in my bag?

wpid-wp-1445706561516.jpgI love this kind of post, I’m a nosy person and it gives an interesting insight into that person’s personality. So I thought I’d share with all y’all what I’m lugging around every day.

THE BAG /// I bought this from Coccinelle in the January sales this year as a birthday present from me, to me. In a market saturated with Saffiano (this is your fault, Kors), the buttery-soft leather was a welcome change and the hardware is gold-toned, which is important to me. In nine months of use, there’s hardly any noticeable wear aside from on the bottom studs, so it’s definitely been a good investment.

wpid-wp-1445706565760.jpgWHAT’S INSIDE? ///
1. Folding multitool, because you never know when you’ll need some pliers or a tiny saw. Thanks Dad.
2. L’Occitane lavender hand cream. This came free with a magazine this month, so if you don’t want to pay full price, head down to your local newsagent and grab one.
3. Pencil case. I bought this from artbox a couple of years ago. I only ever use these pens because I’m left handed and they don’t smudge under my hand, plus the fine line makes my writing look neater.
4. Tissues. I have a cold. Just be thankful that I didn’t include a photogrph of the mountain of used ones that were also floating around my bag.
5. Wet wipes, for if there’s a gross thing.
6. Kiko Kiss Balm. It’s coconut flavour, it’s delicious, and it’s brilliant for nourishing lips. I don’t have a Kiko store nearby so I bought about four while I was in Florence so I would have a steady supply.
7. Engrish coin purse, covered in ink and suncream. I just keep small things in here, like painkillers and nail files and the tiny San Pio I found that one time.
8. Barbie x Tezenis folding hairbrush.
9. Liquorice pellets. I’m actually surprised there are only two tins because I have loads of these lifesavers. They’re great for when you have a tickly cough but you don’t want to start hacking up a lung in public.Β Nice, right?
10. Coccinelle purse. I was actually going to buy the matching bowling bag for this because I love the suede stripes, but I needed something that would fit A4 folders, so this was a good compromise. You really don’t realise the value of a high quality purse until you buy one and you’re no longer fighting to open the zip, so smooth!
11. Hand sanitiser. I touch a lot of strange animals.
12. Swiss Army Knife. This comes in handy pretty much all the time, I think everyone needs one. Cutting food? On-the-go manicure? Toothpick? Sorted!
13. House keys. Broken Jack Wills torch and Endless Edamame keyrings.
14. Torch keyring. Useful.
15. Rhodia webnotebook aka BEST NOTEBOOK EVER. It has a 0.5cm spaced dot grid which is perfect for graphs and stuff, and makes just looks more clean than lines.

Do you guys carry anything weird around? Once I found a dead mouse in mine. Obviously my cat wanted to make sure I was taking a packed lunch to college.

– Niko



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