FRIGHT NIGHT: five halloween film picks

ginger-snaps-wallpaper-2Halloween is almost upon us! Honestly I’m not that bothered as it’s been over a decade since it was socially acceptable for me to demand food from strangers. If you’re a Halloween Scrooge like me, but still want to get in on the vibe, here are my top five Halloween film recommendations:

1. THE LOST BOYS /// Two boys move to a new town with their mother (player by the glorious Dianne Wiest), and the older of the two accidentally becomes a ‘half-vampire’ when he takes part in the initiation ceremony of Kiefer Sutherland and Bill S. Preston, Esquire’s totally heterosexual leather clad-gang. It is up to the younger boy to save his brother from an eternity of torn clothing and bad haircuts.

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2. TEEN WITCH /// In this cinematic masterpiece, Louise (played by Blake Lively’s half-sister) finds out that she has magic powers after a chance encounter with another witch. She begins to use these powers to make herself more popular at school and to make her friend ‘funky’, but she soon learns that this won’t bring her happiness. If you only watch one video in this article, please make it this one:

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3. SLEEPY HOLLOW /// Because it’s pretty much illegal to write an article about Halloween without a mention of Tim Burton, my choice from his filmography was Sleepy Hollow. It’s got all the key Burton motifs; Johnny Depp, black and white stripes, and gnarly trees. You’re all familiar with the storyline… headless horseman, etc. Always worth a re-watch just for young Depp, violence, and 18th century costumes.

4. GINGER SNAPS /// Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald are two sisters obsessed with death. Ginger is bitten by a werewolf on the same night her period starts, so has to balance growing a tail and bloodlust with sexual exploration and her budding sexuality, whilst Brigitte searches for a cure. The SFX are a bit dated these days but this is honestly such a brilliant film, not just because of the late 90s fashion, but as a critique on the way women and femininity are presented in popular media.

5. THE CRAFT /// We are the wierdos, Mister. Sarah moves to a new school, and makes friends with a group of girls who are rumoured to be witches. She soon discovers her own powers, but the consequences of their spells soon fall out of control and the girls terrorise Sarah when she tries to leave them, especially their ringleader, Nancy. The storyline doesn’t really sell it so I’ll just let you watch the trailer, shall I?

What are your Halloween favourites?

– Niko


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