SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 01.11.15

wpid-wp-1446400437095.jpgNovember already? Where is time going?! I ended up going to a student thing for Halloween but didn’t stay long because I felt like I was in an under-18s disco. That’s okay though, I just wanted an excuse to wear a flower crown. Here’s some reading material for your Sunday evening:

I meant to share this last Sunday, but forgot. Anyway, here’s the Rolling Stone’s profile on The Weeknd. He seems like such an interesting guy.

Alber Elbaz has left Lanvin! The reasons remain mysterious but it seems that his staff are not happy about this.

And on the subject of desginers leaving labels, Suzy Menkes tells us Why Fashion is Crashing.

These are quite old, but I’m always wowed by the results: Tom Ford makes over men for GQ. It’s amazing how he can transform these people from just regular guys, to would-be models – this is my favourite! You can see the rest in the suggested videos, I think there are seven in total.

Short on desk space? These circular planters are a great way to add some greenery to a room without imposing on your cluttered surfaces. Stylish, too!

Lana Del Rey is Exhausted. Oh, California!

Vogue shares its autumn nail polish picks, which I’m always game for.

The Paper Plane cocktail looks delicious and suitably gothic for these darkening evenings. Must try.

Four Pins talks about the fashion world appropriating football scarves, and adopting other elements of working class culture. The author even references normcore, which is especially pertinent to me given that I expressed my own disdain for it recently. Like, I’m not against football scarves or plain clothing, but let’s not pretend it isn’t what it is.

Nothing has made me want to start making clothing again as much as this spectacular dress. Love!

Who doesn’t love a Rube Goldberg machine with dramatic music?

Happy weekend!

– Niko


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