GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE: £2 clinique lipstick


I was casually browsing the web on my phone after having an incident in a restaurant involving my right eye and some hot sauce, and it came to my attention that this month’s Glamour magazine comes with free Clinique products. Two of which being lipsticks. I headed straight to my nearest newsagent to have a look and was fortunate enough to find the last free lipstick… It seems that the free moisturiser and mascara aren’t so popular.

The lipstick appears to be from their latest range as I saw them on display in Boots, so even though it’s not full size, it’s definitely a total steal at only £2 for the price of the magazine.


The shade, cherry pop, is the first true red lipstick I’ve tried for years (I’m more of a rouge noir kinda gal) and I’m really impressed with it.  There’s a slight sparkle to it, but nothing overwhelming, and the formula is creamy and full of pigment, totally non-drying.


If you’re interested, I’d recommend looking sooner rather than later as it seems to be flying off the shelves! And for this price I’m definitely going to have a look for the nude lipstick, too. I might even pick up the moisturiser and mascara while I’m at it.

– Niko


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