SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 08.11.15


This weekend I achieved approximately 10% of the things I was planning to do. Oh, lazy days…

In the spirit of Movember, Buzzfeed’s Try Guys get prostate exams. I know this is presented in a comedic way, but I think it’s good that they’re bringing attention to and normalising something that people are often embarrassed about, maybe saving a few lives in the process.

Garance Doré highlights another non-nail-art nail art. I actually saw this on Dita von Teese a few years ago, and I’d definitely like to try it at some point.

I really loved this look that The Sartorialist posted this week. Absolutely nothing in this pictures should work, but it just does, you know?

5 Simple Steps to Starting Your Day Right. Really helpful to me, as my attempts to take up running have been somewhat disrupted by a REALLY painful rib injury and poor planning.

Nubby Twiglet shares why your business NEEDS a press kit. As someone with a few projects planned in the future, this is definitely something I need to be thinking about.

About James Bond’s boots. I watched Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall for the first time last week and what struck me (aside from all the product placement) was how Bond wasn’t just classically well-dressed, but actually STYLISH. Props to the wardrobe department!

Pictures of plastic bags, coupled with quotes from Humans of New York. Somehow, this all makes sense.

Beautiful bridal shoot – I love the model’s profile, and that backless dress!

Did you see Kurt Cobain’s grody old cardigan was auctioned off this week? I suppose things have as much value as you give them.

Raf Simons speaks to Cathy Horyn about the pace of things at Dior. It’s not so surprising when reading this, to see why he left.


Off to buy my combats and one-shoulder top now. Byeeeeee!

– Niko


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