SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 15/11/15

wpid-wp-1447604262858.jpgI’ve been quiet here this week… a few uni-related things but I’ve got myself together now and have a couple of ideas up my sleeve for next week! Anyway, your links for this week, mesdames et messieurs:

– Speaking of busy people, the Business of Fashion interviewed Giambattista Valli. Twelve. Collections. Per year.

Seoul’s Café Dior looks so crazy on the outside, but the interiors are divine…

– Toeing the line between heritage and modern can be difficult, but this Swedish house is perfect interior design inspiration.

– An interesting critical review on the V&A’s Japanese art collection from the Economist.

– If you’re ever wondering what a clueless and out-of-touch person looks like, this is it.

– Food52 (sort of) explains the Maillard reaction. Especially pertinent because I’ve been using a lot of beurre noisette this week (heaven.)

– Possibly the best advice column ever. I’ve always found that the most intelligent people I know tend not to go shouting it from the rafters.

– How many browser tabs is too many?

– Garance Doré on willpower. I can relate.

– Do you ever hate-wear things?

Now, time to get more work done!

– Niko


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