LIPCOTE: beauty’s worst-kept secret


I feel like this product is seriously underrated, and since I arrived back at university without it, I’ve just felt lost! Lipcote is a lipstick sealer that prevents smudging, feathering and fading, and is an absolute life saver!

I think a lot of people who have heard of it have been put off by the previous formulation, which had a strong chemical smell and stung while it dried on the lips, but it’s back with a vanilla flavour and none of the sting, a welcome improvement.  Simply apply lipstick, blot, then paint a thin layer of the product on your lips and let it dry. Your lipstick will become unbudgeable and withstand everything from eating to regular everyday wear, no reapplication needed.

It works best for matte lipsticks and simply won’t work on anything really glossy, so if you want that look, I’d recommend applying Lipcote and putting gloss over the top, but for strong colours in matte and cream formulations, this is perfect.

I’m glad Lipcote and I have been reunited, this time with prettier packaging and more lip-friendly!

– Niko


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