COCOA BLEND: zoeva’s dream palette

wpid-wp-1447957034012.jpgSince Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend palette was released this summer it’s been at the top of my wishlist (you might recognisse it from this wishlist), but I was a bit hesitant to pay the international shipping fees. Keeping my beady eye out, I finally snapped one up on Beauty Bay before it sold out again, taking advantage of their free and speedy tracked delivery.

And the wait was SO WORTH IT. For a ridiculously affordable price, you get ten beautiful eyeshadow colours that can take you from daily wear, to intense evening looks. The palette, themed around a box of chocolates as the names suggests, leans very much towards warm shades, and is a welcome change to the cool tones that are currently dominating my eye collection.


The shadows themselves are super soft and easily to blend, and are packed with pigment so you can create looks as intense as you like. They’re interestingly multi-dimensional and you don’t really get to appreciate this until you apply them to the skin. Pure Ganache (bottom row, far left), for example, looks like a warm gold in the pan, but on the skin reveals a burnt reddish undertone. I was also really excited for Substitute For Love (bottom row, second left), an orangey matte that works well on its own, or as a base for a smokey eye combined with Beans are White (top row, far right) and with Delicate Acidity (bottom row, far right) as a ‘pop’ shade on the centre of the eyelid.


In natural daylight

The packaging is gorgeous, and the chocolate box theme is carried clearly through with it. Made from card, the palette is lightweight, which makes it great for travel, especially since it’s such an all-purpose colour selection, but I would worry about it getting bashed up a bit in transit. It does come with another card sleeve for a bit of pretection, though.

Overall this is a brilliant palette with a great edit of shades that you can mix and match for just about any occasion, and I can see myself getting a lot of use from it. The price point is super affordable, and I’m already considering what my next Zoeva purchase will be.



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