BULLET JOURNAL: end of year review


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to keep and maintain a bullet journal, and now that we’re approaching another new year, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on how I’ve done with it.

When I saw the video explaining how it works, it seemed like a good was to keep myself organised, however it does require dedication and regular attention.

Pros: I think it’s good write things down by hand as I remember them better this way, I like the minimalist style, and it’s handy to have around when my phone runs out of charge, which happens a lot when I’m travelling.

Cons: If I neglected to update it, I would be a bit lost, especially when I was stressed and/or busy, I have to actively check back on it to know what I had planned for the day, and sometimes I would forget to take it with me, or it was otherwise inconvenient to carry around.

Going forward, I think I will still be using the bullet journal for my monthly overviews, so at least I have a paper copy of my calendar- I do like having some kind of analogue way to keep track of things- but I will be going back to trusty old Google calendar for stuff like work and study schedules, where I can arrange email and phone reminders, and change appointments and plans with a couple of clicks (so much neater when I don’t have to cross things out!) I also really liked using the Rhodia webnotebook that I’d chosen for my journal – it’s a 5mm dot grid which is perfect for taking notes, and drawing graphs and tables. The paper’s a good quality and the durable cover keeps it in a decent state despite all the battering it’s endured over the course of a year. I’ve already repurchased it so I’m prepared when I reach the end of my current one, Lord forbid I should return to 1cm lined paper for a few days…

I definitely think that the bullet journal has its place in my life, but until someone invents a book that shouts reminders at me an hour before I need to leave the house, I’m going to need a bit of technological help. I’m still a fan of hand-written to-do lists though, so that’s going to stay constant.

Has the bullet journal worked for you? Did you keep at it? Let me know in the comments

– Niko


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