Sunday links /// 03/01/16


Hello all and welcome to the first Sunday links post of 2016, incredibly late in the day of course, as I like to stay true to form.

  • I decided recently that I don’t want to get married in a white dress (as you do when you’re single, and have explicitly decided not to be in a relationship for a certain period.) Here’s some gorgeous wedding inspiration with a blue dress.
  • What would Sunday links be without me fawning over Chriselle Lim? Here she is, wearing the wrap skirt and heels that dreams are made of.

  • Luxury malls are thriving. Anyone wanna take me shopping?
  • How to be a great host. I feel like this is knowledge that I just need to have for throwing fabulous dinner parties one day.
  • Elephant-repelling bee fences that protect crops. Genius.
  • Photo restorations reveal even more details of the doomed 1915 voyage to the Antarctic. The first has always been a favourite because the ship looks like a tiny toy.
  • Goldfish resolutions. I guess this is what I was trying to say earlier? No pressure, just gradual efforts in the right direction.
  • Fairytale maiden dress-up game. A WHOLE NEW WOOORLD (of procrastination).
  • Posh Broke & Bored’s bedroom makeover looks great. Busy spaces make me anxious, so a good de-clutter is really satisfying to see.
  • Angela Clayton makes a pair of shoes! You will probably remember that I linked to her red renaissance style dress before. She is so talented.

May the remaining minutes of your Sunday be sufficiently distracted.

– Niko


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