Medieval torture devices of beauty

wp-1453239301190.jpgI’m not one to go to extremes for vanity’s sake, but the weirdest part of my skincare routine is definitely the the microneedling, or if you’re feeling fancy, collagen induction therapy.

CIT is a cosmetic medical procedure used to treat scars such as stretch marks or acne scarring, or to treat wrinkles, by pricking the skin with hundreds of tiny needles, which stimulates collagen production and repairs damage.

As dermarollers are inexpensive on Amazon and the reviews seem pretty good, I figured at best, I’d have wonderful skin, and at worst, I’d have wasted a couple of pounds and would have red skin for a couple of days, so not much to lose. Despite looking like a miniature medieval torture device, the results so far have been impressive, and honestly, the pain is minimal – comparable to a rough exfoliant.

I remove my makeup and cleanse my skin with micellar water, then start to work while my skin is still damp. Taking the clean (v. important, unless you want a breakout) roller, I start rolling it back and forth over my skin, focusing on places where wrinkles develop, such as around the mouth and forehead. I work first by going four or five times up and down, then left to right, then diagonally both ways in small patches, until I have done my entire face.

Afterwards, my skin is red but not bleeding, and I immediately apply a layer of moisturiser. After that has soaked in, I’ll apply a second layer. I do this process on a night so my skin has time to recover before I want to put on makeup again.

The next day, I resume my usual skincare routine (removing old product with micellar water, and reapplying moisturiser before moving on to makeup) as normal. My skin always looks refreshed and glowing afterwards, and feels super smooth and baby soft. Totally worth the ten minute’s effort every week or so. Will it keep my skin looking youthful as I age? Only time will tell. But I’d like to think that future me will be thanking present me for the preventative efforts I’ve been making.

I should definitely point out that this treatment is definitely not for you if you have any active skin problems, such as healing wounds or an acne breakout, obviously. That would just be asking to spreading more germs around your face, but it’s worth looking into if you’ve got scarring from issues that you’ve now recovered from

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of mild scarring, take preventative action against future aging, or simply wants soft and refreshed skin! Affordable, time-efficient, and with instant, and long-term results? Totally worth a try.

– Niko



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