January Review

wp-1454439809432.jpgIt’s good to keep check on my goals, isn’t it? That way I can track my progress.

I’m doing well, I think. I haven’t quite curtailed my spending, but my savings account is slowly growing with each payday, and I’m way ahead of schedule with that. I want to have enough for a few months’ rent by the time I’ve graduated, so I don’t have to worry as soon as I arrive back in Florence. Also I read about fuck-off funds a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s something that every young person needs to aim for.

Academically, I’ve improved massively on time management, and I’m not overwhelmed trying to balance work, a social life, and my studies. I still need to improve here, in fact, I’m procrastinating a little bit by writing this because I have two presentations this week and I haven’t even finished all my reading. Heh. That’s something I can work on. I haven’t been using my notebook much as an organisation tool, but that’s fine as long as I’m not being a total scatterbrain.

Personally, I feel good. Great, even. I don’t know what subconscious weight has been lifted from my chest, but whatever it was, it isn’t dragging me down anymore. I feel really optimistic about the future, because I know there’s so much to look forward to, even though some things are a long way away. I suppose then that I’m getting better at being patient, because I can deal with that wait.

Blog-wise… yeah I know. Soz. :))) Also I haven’t been running for a while so I’ll go tonight.

– Niko




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