So. When I started this blog I was getting great feedback from friends and readers, then I guess I just got really busy and it stopped being a priority and the thought of writing posts AND taking photos AND publishing links all over social media just wasn’t appetising to me in between a degree and a job and squeezing in a social life, too.

After this time I also realise that the content I was creating just wasn’t ‘me’ enough. I don’t want to be selling products, but I still love fashion and beauty and want to be talking about it in a more creative way.

From now on, I want to be writing more posts, but my own tastes are for short, easy-to-digest posts, and the occasional essay so that will be reflected in future content. I know that in the autumn I’m going to be 10x more busy than I was last year, so I want to be able to manage the workload I’m committing to.

I hope you enjoy the changes!



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