Sunday links /// 03/01/16


Hello all and welcome to the first Sunday links post of 2016, incredibly late in the day of course, as I like to stay true to form.

  • I decided recently that I don’t want to get married in a white dress (as you do when you’re single, and have explicitly decided not to be in a relationship for a certain period.) Here’s some gorgeous wedding inspiration with a blue dress.
  • What would Sunday links be without me fawning over Chriselle Lim? Here she is, wearing the wrap skirt and heels that dreams are made of.

  • Luxury malls are thriving. Anyone wanna take me shopping?
  • How to be a great host. I feel like this is knowledge that I just need to have for throwing fabulous dinner parties one day.
  • Elephant-repelling bee fences that protect crops. Genius.
  • Photo restorations reveal even more details of the doomed 1915 voyage to the Antarctic. The first has always been a favourite because the ship looks like a tiny toy.
  • Goldfish resolutions. I guess this is what I was trying to say earlier? No pressure, just gradual efforts in the right direction.
  • Fairytale maiden dress-up game. A WHOLE NEW WOOORLD (of procrastination).
  • Posh Broke & Bored’s bedroom makeover looks great. Busy spaces make me anxious, so a good de-clutter is really satisfying to see.
  • Angela Clayton makes a pair of shoes! You will probably remember that I linked to her red renaissance style dress before. She is so talented.

May the remaining minutes of your Sunday be sufficiently distracted.

– Niko


SUNDAY LINKS 29/11/2015

wp-1448835429918.jpgAnother busy week, so little posting! I’m really enjoying my new job, and am generally feeling a bit more organised and prepared. Here are some links…

– Charlotte Tilbury opened a new boutique in London and it looks uk-mazing. And that dress!

– Why does a full stop totally change the tone of a sentence these days?

– Chriselle looks fantastic (as per) in black and navy. That’s totally my colour palette for winter so I can totally co-sign this aesthetic.

– Kate la Vie goes on an enviable trip to Paris with Elie Saab. Beautiful pictures ahoy!

A beautiful golden tree.

This was my favourite look on The Satorialist this week. I bought myself a vintage black velvet midi dress and am completely on board with anything vaguely witchy-looking right now.

A tiny cute earring.

– A romantic article on Unfettered Yorkshire. Sigh…


SUNDAY LINKS /// 22/11/15

wpid-wp-1448232676350.jpgHello and welcome to the newly-rebranded Sunday Links (I just don’t like the word ’roundup’). The wind is icy cold and I’m seeing more and more trees popping up – Christmas is just around the corner. Also I have a job so that’s good. That’s why I’m so busy. Anyway, here are some links!

– Posh, Broke & Bored shares her Seoul beauty haul. I need to get myself t0 SK, pronto!

– This Brooklyn bar menu generator is spot on for just about every trendy.

– Speaking of food, how about these three back-pocket sauces to jazz up plain ol’ chicken breasts? I have no more excuses for avoiding the bag of them in my freezer.

Life after getting laid off. The author has a great perspective on things, which a lot of u could really do with!

– The Atlantic on the increasing intolerance of student activists. Especially relevant in light of recent events at my own university (York).

– The most incredible display of paint pigments in Japan.

– Designers have people employed to look at archives. I am a very rummagey person and I would very much like to sign up for this task.

This photo from Scott Schuman is pulling on my heartstrings! He looks so relaxed, lazing at a Milanese bistro with his Aperol Spritz, while I’m here, freezing my fingers off in York. More Italian-themed mournings due on this blog soon, I promise.

– And also these pastries look amazing! I think when I have a free day and a lot of patience I will make an attempt at them.

I watched La Grande Bellezza this week and it fueled my longing for Italy.

– Niko

SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 08.11.15


This weekend I achieved approximately 10% of the things I was planning to do. Oh, lazy days…

In the spirit of Movember, Buzzfeed’s Try Guys get prostate exams. I know this is presented in a comedic way, but I think it’s good that they’re bringing attention to and normalising something that people are often embarrassed about, maybe saving a few lives in the process.

Garance Doré highlights another non-nail-art nail art. I actually saw this on Dita von Teese a few years ago, and I’d definitely like to try it at some point.

I really loved this look that The Sartorialist posted this week. Absolutely nothing in this pictures should work, but it just does, you know?

5 Simple Steps to Starting Your Day Right. Really helpful to me, as my attempts to take up running have been somewhat disrupted by a REALLY painful rib injury and poor planning.

Nubby Twiglet shares why your business NEEDS a press kit. As someone with a few projects planned in the future, this is definitely something I need to be thinking about.

About James Bond’s boots. I watched Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall for the first time last week and what struck me (aside from all the product placement) was how Bond wasn’t just classically well-dressed, but actually STYLISH. Props to the wardrobe department!

Pictures of plastic bags, coupled with quotes from Humans of New York. Somehow, this all makes sense.

Beautiful bridal shoot – I love the model’s profile, and that backless dress!

Did you see Kurt Cobain’s grody old cardigan was auctioned off this week? I suppose things have as much value as you give them.

Raf Simons speaks to Cathy Horyn about the pace of things at Dior. It’s not so surprising when reading this, to see why he left.


Off to buy my combats and one-shoulder top now. Byeeeeee!

– Niko

SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 24.10.15

wpid-wp-1445786373802.jpgIt’s really starting to feel like winter! Here are some links to cosy up with this afternoon:

Love Taza writes about a calming-down technique, This Is Not An Emergency. Naomi is referring to stressful moments with her children, but this is totally a mantra I can get behind for when I start getting in a flap about nothing.

Chriselle shares her top 3 Korean beauty tips. Korean beauty is in such an interesting place now, I only wish their brands would hurry up and arrive in the UK!

One of my favourite autumn recipes is pork belly with apple. Food52 is looking for the best savoury apple recipe, but the current runners up are worth a look for inspiration, too!

Now that Raf Simons is departing from Dior, who will replace him?

Dying alone in New York. I always find this topic so interesting and sad.

Accidental Autumnal Style Icon: Judd Nelson. YES. That Breakfast Club look is legendary.

This colonial church in Mexico reveals itself for only the second time since it was flooded for a reservoir in 1966. Haunting images.

I’M SUCH A SLUT FOR GARLIC. I’d love to get my hands on some black garlic!

You can totally rely on Mid-Century Menu to dig up the most gruesome gelatins for Halloween!

Barbie is so rad:

Have a lovely Sunday evening, everyone!

SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 18.10.15

wpid-wp-1445184571907.jpgToday I moved into my new house for this year. Now that I’m settled, I hope to get back to daily posting soon. Here’s a bunch of links and stuff.

Beyond Clueless is a fantastic documentary if you’re obsessed with 90s/00s teen movies like I am. It focuses on some really interesting themes, plus, the theme song has lines from the Virgin Suicides. I got a whole list of new films to watch from this. Available now on Netflix if you’re in the UK.

– This has been in my bookmarks for ages. You can draw space! I waste so much time with it.

– I was really interested by i-D’s article on Aurora James. I’m really passionate about allowing economies to develop through trade, not misguided charity as is sadly so often the case. James makes use of the T-shirts that are ‘donated’ to Kenya en masse, and helps create financial growth within communities.

– Four Pins responds to claims that polo shirts should be retired.

– Then follows up with this brilliant Lacoste collection. So much fun!

– I always look forward to Mimi Thorisson’s posts. This month, she shares her stories from Umbria.

– How about some cute kitchen accessories? I really want that super sweet toothpick hedgehog.

– If you enjoyed the other procrastination tools that I’ve been sharing these few weeks, you may also like LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum. If you didn’t have to wait to refresh the lives I”m sure I would be playing this like six hours a day

– Emma Stone is the coolest person in the world:

– Niko

SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 11.10.15

How is everyone this weekend? I’m fighting round two of a cold, just what I always wanted. I’ll never take healthy sinuses for granted again.

Posh, Broke & Bored shares stunning photos of Café Pushkin in Moscow. So Beautiful!

Then if you didn’t have enough travel envy, check out this hotel in Talinn, Estonia – it looks like something from the Grand Budapest Hotel!

As Wild as the Wind, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous clothing. Swoon!

Colossal always finds the most amazing things; floating umbrellas, light flowing from trees, and the most spectacular aquariums you’ll ever see!

3D printed custom shoes, I’m loving this idea. Imagine a world where trainers are made to your exact measurements – I might even start exercising.

Man Repeller shares some super serious and factual facts about Twilight, in honour of it’s tenth anniversary.

H&M’s collection for Balmain was ‘leaked’ the other day. I’m pretty skeptic about that story but it’s nice too see the collection in full. Great mix of wearability and classic Balmain, and I’d love to get my hands on a couple of those bodycon dresses.

I’m addicted to playing Ten Billion Wives on my phone. It’s ridiculous and I don’t care. What is the goal? God knows, let me enjoy my many spouses, dammit.

Ariana Grande’s whistle notes tho.

That’s all folks!

– Niko

SUNDAY ROUNDUP /// 04/10/15

A collection of links to inspire your Sunday. Enjoy!

– Chriselle Lim travelled to Greece this summer and her photos are stunning. Here are my favourite posts from her trip: 1, 2. The gifs are just the cherry on top and really add to that otherworldly feel.

– Also from Chriselle: Her top 5 fall nail polish picks. So dreamy!

– I’m ashamed to admit how much time I’ve spent on this mermaid dress-up game, but I’ll be damned if it’s not the most addicting thing E-V-E-R.

– Anyone who’s ever lived in apartment building can relate to this video about upstairs neighbours. It’s so hilariously close to home (literally), but sometimes I do worry that am that neighbour (sorry!)

– This parody video for an artisan firewood company is flawless. You just KNOW there are people who would totally buy into that.

– /r/BlunderYears is a subreddit where people share photos from their embarrassing youths. Thank the Lord I hated having my photo taken as a teenager because I can assure you, that would be an absolute goldmine of cringe.

– If you’re looking for something a little unsettling to get you in the mood for Halloween, look no further than Emily Carroll’s comics. Beautiful illustrations, haunting stories.

– I’m not the world’s greatest Jeff Koons fan, but I’m still kind of annoyed that I didn’t get a chance to see his sculptures in Florence while I was still there. There’s something fascinating and daring about seeing contemporary art exhibited in historic spaces, and while I wouldn’t want the charm of heritage sites constantly ruined by misguided attempts to attract a wider audience, temporary exhibitions are a great way to bring a fresh perspective to things.

– Speaking of whom, Man Repeller asks if Kim Kardashian is the new Jeff Koons. It’s nice to read something about Kim that isn’t scrutinising her appearance or giving her flak for being who she is, because honestly I think she’s a force of nature and much more savvy than people think.

– Dolce & Gabbana presented their new collection last Sunday. My superficial reaction is love at first sight, but the more I click through the slideshow, the more questions come to mind. Where there are clearly elements of past collections incorporated, it also feels like a sort of creative slowdown for the fashion house, after some very strong collections in the past few years. I’ll still be lusting after it all and it’s certainly making me crave Italy, but I kind of want to see something extraordinary from them.

– Have you been following Barbie on Instagram? She’s travelling the world for various fashion weeks, she has that Céline bag that I want, and she’s collaborated with Pat McGrath for a series of high fashion makeup looks. Can I just be her already?

– Gilded edibles at Bridal Musings! I’m not planning a wedding, but most of these ideas things would work just as well for festive food as Christmas fast approaches.



Happy weekend, everyone!

– Niko